Better Take Care of Me

August 10, 2010 11:52 PM

Another live tune, from July 2010's Sengawa Jazz/Art Festival in Tokyo. here I'm playing a diddley bow, the Marron Glacé Guitar. Video of this same performance can be seen here.

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Whoops... lyrics here:


when the dust blows through your teeth
and there's no more fat to chew
a hole opens in the sky
and the moon just falls right through
you better take care of me
you better take care of me

when the train has jumped the track
and the party's past its peak
when there ain't no fingers left
but the dike has sprung another leak
you better take care of me
you better take care of me

when you're all up in smoke
and the wind won't cry no name
when the chariot swings too low
and there's only god to blame
you better take care of me
you better take care of me

though the winds will have calmed
the floodwaters won't recede
we'll get everything we want
and nothing that we need
you better take care of me
you better take care of me

copyright p & c Samm Bennett - all rights reserved
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Hey, great performance, man! Your vocals and lyrics are great as always (your vocal range kills me!) My ears though, are really paying attention to the guitar because if I remember correctly it only has one string but you're producing more than one tone...after listening for a while I can only guess that it's because you're percussing as well as playing the notes.

This is great stuff!
posted by snsranch at 5:28 PM on August 11, 2010

sns, I'm running the one stringer through my little BOSS pitch shifter, getting the octave below the actual note. But the mix is not 100% harmonizer, there's about, oh, 30% or so of the original note, so, that's what you're hearing. Also, yes, my playing is quite percussive, I actually bring my right hand thumb down pretty hard on the neck with every attack, and since it's just a cheap piezo pickup, attached directly to the neck og the one stringer, you get plenty of percussive attack like that. And... midway through the tune I bring in a percussive stomp box, for extra thump. That you can't see in the video, cause I'm doing it by foot.

The harmonizer is the same one I use to mess with the Tomato Can Sanza sometimes, like here.

Thanks for your kind words on the performance, man.
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