Your Little One Way Street

August 12, 2010 4:51 AM

Once again it's the Tomato Can Sanza (run through my trusty el-cheapo pitch shifter) in action, in another tune from my set at the 2010 Sengawa Jazz/Art Festival in Tokyo. Video at YouTube.


honey your clock's running fast
my clock's running slow
let's put 'em beside each other
and see which way they go

when you told me that you loved me
just what exactly did that mean
whatever it is you're giving me
it's like no love i've ever seen

i been walking so long baby
down your little one way street
the soles on my shoes
have worn right through to my feet

i looked to the sky for guidance
but there's only clouds up there
it could rain all night on me baby
but i don't believe you'd care

whether you stay for 20 years
or only for a half a minute
it won't mean nothing honey
if your heart ain't in it

the leaves will fall
the wind will blow
you strive to be elsewhere
but you already are you know

copyright p &c Samm Bennett - all rights reserved

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