Säkkijärven Polkka

September 21, 2010 7:12 AM

An improvisational rendition of the classic Finnish folk tune on piano and bass, folk jazz style.

Ever since this post last month I've had this tune rattling round in my head - if you've a thing for minor key folk melodies, it really is the most persistent of earworms.

The best thing with do to with earworms, I find, is to learn them, so I found some scores and have listened to numerous versions on YouTube - the Leningrad Cowboys version is my current favourite, though the video in the MeFi post is pretty damn good too.

Then, last night, I forgot about all that and recorded something only vaguely similar to the original tune occasionally. I think I need to record it again but much more slowly. Also to figure out how the second section really goes.

Did anyone else post a version of this to MeMu?

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Bravo! :) I'm really liking this, but I wish the bass was a bit louder...
posted by MaiaMadness at 12:02 PM on September 21, 2010

Cheers, Maia.

It's clam city down there in the bass part (this was one take each of piano and bass at about 4am) which is why it's maybe not as loud as it could be. This way the, uh, extended harmony isn't so jarring.

I should try it again, this time slower.
posted by motty at 5:40 PM on September 21, 2010

To be honest I kind of liked the quickness of it... Although making it a bit slower will probably make me think of this, which is definitely not a bad thing. :)
posted by MaiaMadness at 12:51 AM on September 22, 2010

Oh wow.

Why yes, I have been listening to Jan Johansson quite a bit lately; until I discovered him it never occurred to me to try piano / bass duet stuff myself.

He was ace.
posted by motty at 2:58 PM on September 22, 2010

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