Employee of the Month

October 1, 2010 4:09 PM

And I didn't even go to work today.

Some flooding in the direction of my office kept me home today, and mrs ozzy told me at lunchtime that she'd been named employee of the month at her job, which she did go to. So I thought I'd knock out a goofy little song about it before she got home.

I'd like to say that the guitar solo is intentionally-bad, but really, it's just bad. The same goes for the mix.

You may notice my cheapo Telecaster copy making an appearance; I broke a string on the SG and didn't have a replacement. It might have the slowest neck in the history of guitars.

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You're the best at what you do
Nobody makes some people rawk as good as you
[at least not this month].
posted by umbĂș at 6:34 PM on October 2, 2010

Mad skills indeed.


[makes exit bowing and scraping>]
posted by Zenabi at 1:29 AM on October 3, 2010

Ah ha ha yes.

This needs a video with paper hats and also lots of pointing
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Ha, thanks guys. I love doing stupid little songs like this when I'm in a creative funk. It's encouraging to just finish something every once in awhile, even if it's only an hour or two of work.
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What's a 'slow neck'?

A while ago, I really wanted a Telecaster, but I couldn't afford one; so I 'made' one by cutting open my crappy Strat clone, putting in Tele pickups, and wiring it in the stock Tele way. It isn't really right at all, but it sounds sorta like a Tele. But I'll bet it has a 'slow neck.'
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Well, "slow" as opposed to "fast." It's like gripping the big end of a baseball bat, and the action is a little bit too high. It would probably play a lot better with a setup, but that would cost almost as much as the guitar itself. Maybe someday I'll actually get after it with tools and rulers and whatnot, but until then, it's fun to play, but impossible to play fast on.

I've got a crappy Strat copy in the closet that I did some terrible wiring on. Cold solders everywhere. Someday I'll fix that up--the pickups are garbage, it sounds terrible, but it always played really well, for a $50 guitar.
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Hey man, that little solo was actually pretty rockin'! Kinda reminds me of a story about a guitar guy I knew once, who was such a virtuoso that he would just barf out super fast licks and leads over everything. We called him "guitar barf". Really man, that little bit was just right for the song, and very sweet song too, btw. I bet the Mrs. was diggin' it!
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Thanks, sns. I won't divulge how many takes I comped together to make that solo (largely because I actually don't know), but it's more than three.
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You wrote this and record it in one afternoon? You are my hero, uncleozzy. And I don't see what there is to object in the solo and the mix. At all.
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