Once Upon a Dream

August 29, 2006 9:06 PM

This is a cover of the Disney song, with me on two acoustic guitars. Recorded Dec. 4, 2000.

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posted by chococat at 10:28 AM on August 30, 2006

Very nice job! Did you transcribe and arrange it yourself?

It's amazing how full two guitars can sound.
posted by phylum sinter at 11:43 AM on August 30, 2006

Thanks! Yes, I did the arrangement. I'm not sure it's 100% true to the movie -- I just did what sounded right to me. :)
posted by adrian_h at 12:42 PM on August 30, 2006

Gorgeous! I'll be listening to this many an evening, thank you!
posted by ceri richard at 2:59 PM on August 30, 2006

That's all cool, but can you play it with big Mickey Mouse hands?

Wow, I love intricate guitar work, and this is really one of the most beautiful things I've heard. Walt would give you the biggest hug right now!
posted by snsranch at 5:46 PM on August 30, 2006

how do you download using this? im had to pay just to download ur songs
posted by karendumlao at 2:12 AM on December 14, 2008

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