Party Gorilla!

November 5, 2010 8:34 PM

Lyrics and text by The Oatmeal, taken from his brilliant comic. I basically read it and thought "Cortex should turn this into a hyper-ballad." Man vs sun then suggested we should make one, instead. Here is the result.

We've sent this already to The Oatmeal, who has called it “fucking fantastic,” and given us the go ahead to use his artwork from the comic for a music video, which may or may not happen (most likely will not, unless someone else wants to take a crack at it) because of our own laziness and ineptitude with the making of video...-ness. Within the song are nods to numerous acts who have influenced us in one way or another.

Recorded at the Rotatable, Tremulant Studio, and produced at the Consortium of Sonic Miscellany and Ostentatious Stupidity:

Timbill Corder (me): Drums, Organ (Chord-o-Matic), Guitbass, Lead Vocals, Kazoo, Harmony Vocals, Spoken Vocals (verse 5 and 7), 5/8 of Galactic Choir, Production/Arrangement
Trey Beauregard (man vs sun): Acoustic Guitar, Spoken Vocals (verse 3 and 6), Banjo Solo, Gorilla, Baboons, 3/8 of Galactic Choir, Sausage, Engineering/Composition
Melissa Burcham (pheatherwait): Dueling Floot Solos
Tommy Scheurich: String Quartet (2x Cello, 2x Viola), Viola Solo

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