November 6, 2010 7:49 PM

I was part of a bill the other night that included some amazing khomus (jews harp) players from Sakha, Siberia. It was an evening of boing and twang that I was honored to be a part of. Here's a piece of mine from that night - I'm playing the mouthbow. Video here.

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Nice. So what's the kickdrum deal your triggering with your foot there, just out of frame?
posted by chococat at 9:57 PM on November 6, 2010

Ack, nevermind, I'm an idiot. Stompbox, got it.
posted by chococat at 9:59 PM on November 6, 2010

Thanks for your comment, chococat!
posted by flapjax at midnite at 11:06 PM on November 6, 2010

Wow, very impressive man! You and this guy are bringing back a lost art (one man band). (Pretty lost as far as I know of, anyway.) I can't even imagine having the kind of multi-body-part coordination that you have. Kick ass.

(I thought you might dig the Didgereedoo Man.)
posted by snsranch at 3:47 PM on November 10, 2010

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