El Feo

September 6, 2006 10:32 AM

Traditional Zapoteca song.

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que bueno. a mi me gusta tu cancion.
posted by YoBananaBoy at 1:30 PM on September 6, 2006

I enjoy, muchly.
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 7:20 PM on September 6, 2006

Wow, this is awesome. Out of curiosity I had to learn just a bit about the Zapoteca.

Thanks for sharing this. Esto es una belleza.
posted by snsranch at 7:49 PM on September 6, 2006

Hey, I am glad it was so well received. The first bit of the lyrics is in Zapoteco, and the second is in Spanish. The song is called El Feo (the ugly one) and it's basically a guy telling his girl "don't pay attention if they tell you I am feo, I am an ugly guy who loves you with all his heart."
And Zapotecos were one of the four most developed cultures in Mexico. With a complex legal system and their own writing, but I guess this might not be the place for this info. Perhaps it would make a good post on the blue.
Anyways, thx a lot for your comments, they are always well received here.
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It's a lovely arrangement, but I think the vocal performance is the most lovely thing about it.
posted by Jofus at 7:13 AM on September 21, 2006

This is awesome. I think I found a new genre to add to my musical repertoire..
posted by spiderskull at 11:38 PM on October 11, 2006

Don't know why I didn't think of it before, but you can watch a video of the recording of the song here. Once the page loads, click on the second pink square (left to right) in the second row (top to bottom).
posted by micayetoca at 8:01 PM on March 15, 2007

Que bellesa cancion. Me gusto mucho.
posted by yojoahod at 9:15 AM on April 12, 2010

That was beautiful. Your voice has a softness and laziness like João Gilberto's.
posted by not_on_display at 7:41 PM on January 17, 2017

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