September 7, 2006 11:53 AM

A short melodic snippet I've been playing around with in need of a nice lyric. If anyone has one that fits, I'm all ears.

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...if you're really stuck with lyrics, maybe just keep some of those "doo"s and mix in some other non-word syllables, a la Cocteau Twins
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In the mode of bitter/smug pop, and requiring a few vocal tics including most notably an extra melodic tag in the final stanza, yadda yadda yadd, I present:

~ Mister How Do You Do~

Now that it's over
Now that you've made me a fool
Off with somebody new, yeah
Mister How Do You Do, yeah

I'm seeing clearly
I'm seeing things with open eyes
Dissecting all of your lies, yeah
Missus Lord of the Flies, yeah

All these things
You couldn't cop to
To whoever's with you

A smile and a handshake
For Mister How Do You Do
He's stuck with you
posted by cortex at 2:20 PM on September 7, 2006

cortex, will you have my babies?
posted by rhapsodie at 4:01 PM on September 7, 2006

This (very pleasant) melody is quite similar to "Brainiac's Daughter" by the Dukes of Stratosphear (short snippet of main melody).
posted by adrian_h at 4:17 PM on September 7, 2006

Huh, I love the "doo doo doo's". This is very good.
posted by snsranch at 4:33 PM on September 7, 2006

Very impressive Cortex. Thanks for that!

Damn Adrian, "Brainiac's Daughter" is one of my favorite Dukes track and I never even noticed that. Now I know how George Harrison must have felt.
posted by gfrobe at 1:16 AM on September 8, 2006

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