February 21, 2011 12:45 AM

moody experiments. it's another evil night. requires good speakers or good headphones for the full experience (leans heavily on low bass tones).

love you all.

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Really nice track Sir....reminds me of Múm, Boards of Canada and Autechre and maybe a little early Aphex Twin. I can see this song on an intelligent thriller soundtrack for sure.
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Love the really low bass tones.
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relay the gory details of signal warping, please.
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Ok, so it works like this:


And I'm just knob tweaking. Delay, phasor, and a digital tremolo are the pedals I used. Oh, and a digital resampler that's built into garageband... I that it's effect settings open, and would change it's resample rate / multiplier as if it were one of my physical pedals too.

So basically these are all feedback loops feeding back on feedback loops, with me being a noise dork in between. Oh, and I did play an organ to give the song some tonal structure.

More reading:
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Sorry, just realized my programming joke might not make the most sense.

I literally have the microphone in front of my monitors. So I'm starting out with that classic obnoxious feedback noise, but then in between the mic and monitors I have coloring agents... delays and tremolo and chorus and phasors with huge (>1 second) phase times, and at the end of the chain another delay with a large (>1 second) delay time.... and then that output goes back into the monitors.

It's chance music, with my 'compositional elements' being the way I'm modifying my pedal settings in real time.
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Nice ! Thank you. (I've been thinking for a while of selling music to people working in health care related jobs/ but I don't think that I would sell this tune to, say... a dentist ?).
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