The End of The Beginning

April 12, 2011 8:05 PM

My second effort in the electronica realm. This has sampled acoustic guitar, and is a sort of chillout tune with soul. I'm actually pretty proud of this one. Sounds to me like a sunset.

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(That's my guitar, by the way; and I made all the synth instruments involved. None of this cheating with presets for me. Ha!)
posted by koeselitz at 9:25 PM on April 13, 2011

This is a ton of fun. What are you using to create synths? SynthEdit? Max?
posted by mintcake! at 10:11 AM on April 14, 2011

Oh, meant to mention that: everything here was done on my iPad in NanoStudio, from the sampling to the synth creation to the sequencing and mixing. Seriously, it's an amazing program; full plasticity of sound, and a huge range of stuff you can do. (People talk about the GarageBand app, but NanoStudio is miles beyond it, in my opinion.)

I also did this in NanoStudio.
posted by koeselitz at 3:18 PM on April 15, 2011

That thing that starts happening around 0:36 hooked me.
posted by nile_red at 1:54 AM on April 30, 2011 [1 favorite]

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