Man Was Created (And Quite Frankly, Some of Us Are a Little Embarrassed by the Concept)

August 8, 2011 12:42 PM

Recorded live in 2004 by my high school garage band (though we were in my living room [better acoustics] for this take). I'm on the drums. Sound quality is courtesy of my drum teacher and his equipment. Instrumental. (Hear that pause during the chorus? Yeah, MY IDEA). (Download for best quality)

The song title derives from a humorous accident early in the song's development. We were recording practice takes on a cassette player using my father's taped christian sermons. We quickly noticed that the preacher was being rudely and irreverently interrupted by our raucous rock music, only to continue as though nothing had happened. Of course, we found these interjections to be hilarious. The greatest of them began with "man was created" - *ROCK MUSIC* - "and quite frankly, some of us are a little embarrassed by the concept." The phrase completed itself quite nicely, and it became the song title.

Lead Guitar: Steve Magnuson
Rhythm Guitar: Brian Kim
Bass Guitar: Alan Hendrix
Drums: troll

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(Download and play through WinAmp's equalizer preset 'Rock' for best quality)

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I listen very very closely to all music when I hear it. Didn't hear you miss the beat not once. Damn good drumming. The Pause in the chrous - is probably the coolest part of the whole song.

Very cool work for high school garage band man. Good job :) - You still playing?
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I appreciate the critique. I may have stayed on beat, but there are a bunch of botched strokes - especially on the snare drum. I didn't know how to tune my kit, so I had to hit the snare on a sweet spot near the duct tape to get a tight sound. If you listen closely you can hear it go PAANG a couple of times. I also lost the bass drum groove on the verse that comes right after the first chorus (though I faked it by staying on time); it's supposed to punch with the rhythm guitar. I also sucked at fills back then.

But, other than all of that, I'm really proud of this song. I was only two years green (one with a teacher) and my influences were mostly late-90's early-00's alternative rock. Then I started listening to METAL, and I learned how to play the drums like a fucking Viking.

Like most poor drummers, I've bought many kits only to sell them for rent money. It's really fucked with my development. Right now I'm kitless, so the world is my drum. The steering wheel, my legs, boobs (booby bongos!), the dog... you know, anything that reverberates, thuds, or thwacks.

Thanks for even commenting dude. It's kinda dead here, in the Black. I wish MefiMusic were a more active subsite.
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Haha, no problem my man! I think the very fact that you are actually posting something up at all is awesome in itself - it takes a lot of nerve and to have actually done something good or bad is irrelevant: that you are letting the world hear: That is super cool.

I think you are critisizing yourself to much - it is a mark of genius (so they say) but also will permanantly and always put you in a not-good-enough mood. And I can say accurately that you're "on-time-ness" is better than a lot of bands, if you missed the beat out a few times is irrelevant because you kept on with the timing which is another mark of an accomplished musician. Top marks.

You need a drum kit man: shit, get some second hand pans / some old paint buckets or something and some sticks, you need to keep going here. TBH with you, because I am mostly an acoustic rythm guitarist, I really really love acoustic drums (fingerpicks and washboard / tuny bass drum, hand spanking mini snare and a cowbell) kind of deal, and im sure that wont need to be crazy expensive.

I agree with you about the lack of stuff on the black, it just never occurred to me before and to be honest: I think you guys are more deserving of coment than someone merely re-posting a digg link on the blue. I'll probably be hanging around here a bit more - keep it up man :)
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pb is a totally chill bro. He let me replace the audio file with one that has better EQ. There's no longer any need to play it through WinAmp to get the best sound.

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