Don't cry 4 me

August 11, 2011 4:20 PM

I went in a pro studio to record a song. Was so nervous yet excited. Had some great players and a great back vocalist. I re-recorded my "Marra wanna be like me" song. Yet to be released.

I was so nervous I played all week. My song sounded tight and good. Outa no where this tune pops in my head. This was to be my back up tune in case I could not get "Marra wanna be like me" to sound right. I played this at the pro studio and they all said thats the tune you should do. But I brought everyone there to do the other tune. So I did a very ruff version of the back up studio stand by tune. Titled "Don't Cry for me" I hear alot of back up vocals in the song so its far from finished.

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Heya man, I liked it - a little repetetive but nice tappy along song. If you are going to stack up your vocals, I think if you do a rerrecord try and put a very gentle effect on one of them just to spread the sound out a little so as not to create a jarring effect if either of them goes slightly out. Good for you Caesar :)
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Thank you so much. Im so limited as a player when recording myself. Im a very shabby rhythm player even on my best days. Im hoping to do this in the studio with better players than myself and fill in alot of those repetitive spots and have nice high back up vocals kinda repeat the words in a way. This was my first shot at it and I've even re written the words some already to give it a positive flow and added a change. Hopefully this will become more than what it is now. Thx Again :)
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Also Im going to re sing this at some point and just have one strong track of vocals rather than doubling it up. So advice taken. Again Thx for the feedback.
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No problem Caesar, the fact that you are actually posting something on here at all is magic - very impressed already, keep going and I'm sure you'll have a killer sound soon - let me know if you release anything else :)
posted by Cogentesque at 2:34 AM on August 15, 2011

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