a strange and mysterious adventure

August 10, 2011 11:48 PM

This instrumental track was originally named "Em wrong" because it came out of absentmindedly playing my guitar while watching tv and accidentally strumming an E minor chord incorrectly on the 3rd fret. The resulting song has an uneasy, mysterious vibe.

In addition to electric guitar, this features a few synth sounds, a tambourine, fretless bass, ebowed guitar, and a bass drum sound I got by dropping an amp onto the floor in order to make a sound I couldn't quite get by stomping my feet.

posted by edlundart (1 comment total)

This is really nice. Listening from start to finish was a delight! Very relaxing! Thank you.
posted by Brodyaga at 3:26 AM on March 29, 2013

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