Cicadas in a Tokyo Park

September 7, 2011 8:48 PM

The title says it all! But be sure to check out the video, and see the trees where these mellifluous little bugs were parked while offering up their enticing sonatas! (pssssst! and find the dove!)

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Hah! It's eight kinds of wonderful to know these little guys are real, and not just an anime sound effect for long drawn out summer days, big blue sky and empty fields, no-one else in sight.

Closer to home, I'm sitting inside with ornamental ponds outside the two closest windows. When I play this, the (usually nocturnal) frogs in the ponds go nuts. rrrrbbbb. rrrRRbbBBB. RRRRRBBB!

Which is very cool. Thank you!
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Holy shit I hate cicadas. There was a night or 2 where there was a cicada, maybe more, on a tree outside my apartment. I'd never heard one before, someone had to explain to me what it was. The are so. loud.

A lot easier to appreciate when I have control over the volume.
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Hoopo, yes, they really are shockingly loud. A few days back, one cicada landed for a brief while on my little veranda. Doing his thing. Stunningly loud. I gabbed the camera and got about, oh, 20 or 30 seconds worth before he flew off. Amazing. (Probably gonna post that, too)
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