October 11, 2011 2:05 PM

Sort of a spare, dirge-like rendition.

For the September/October Music challenge to record an "uncool" song, without irony. I never thought this song was particularly "cool."

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This is like Kurt Cobain and Matthew Sweet fucking while Billy Corgan watches.

And I mean that in a good way.

Seriously, Mr Cat, your shit is so good I wonder why the rest of us bother sometimes. Ten tons of awesome.
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That's the last song that I thought would ever be covered here. And while I actually like the original, this is pretty amazing and totally works. (Don't ask why I love the original, it's totally out of character for me.)

Good show!
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Also, I gotta say this is exactly the kind of song I hope would be covered for the challenge. The one that wormed its way into your ear despite your best efforts, and then a quarter century later (thirty years! I just checked!) it pops out again and it turns out to have depths you never imagined.
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Hey, thanks.
To clarify, I never hated this song or anything; I just wouldn't have used the word "cool" to describe it.

Actually, the challenge was a bit confusing to me. I don't really get the "guilty pleasure" thing when applied to music; if I like something then I just like it and cool doesn't really enter into it unless it's something groundbreaking or brand new or whatever, something that blows my mind and I can't figure it out.
I don't really have any interest in covering something I think is bad or boring. Why bother?
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The challenge wasn't so much meant to be about guilty pleasures as songs you liked that were generally considered uncool, which is pretty much exactly on the nose for this one. As opposed to songs that *you* considered uncool or déclassé or whatever. For instance, I really like Elton John's YOUR SONG, which is scary, but there you are.

I think the virtue of the challenge is not so much that *you* thought the song was bad or boring, but that other folk might have, and you put them right. Which you totally did here.
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Jesus H. Perfect. This is the song I want playing during the closing scene of the hour-long cable drama of my life. Slow motion scenes of a tragic swerve that leaves half of the audience hollering for an Emmy and the other half clamoring for the writers' heads.

so good I wonder why the rest of us bother sometimes

Half of me wants to pawn all my gear, the other half wants to stay up all night being morose in front of a microphone.
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I got me some chills listening to this. unSane's comment nails it.
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Fantastic, as always.
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Ha ha, sweet.

In this version of the movie, the main characters go on an ultimately doomed tri-state crime spree.
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I am happy to be listening through this collection presently circa 2007 and was happy to see you and flapjax happily together on the front page. Took me a while to make the connection with the original.

Ethereal, haunting and beautifully poppy as always. I am always happy to see my daughter in her chocolate shirt, giving props.
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Awesome piano solo.
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Nice job, chococat.
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This is perfectly executed--your voice and the dry production is spot on. Why hasn't anyone done this before?

I like how there's just enough understated menace in the take that you're not sure if it is invoking the disillusionment of someone who tried to make it and didn't, or whether their fame is actually going to be better described as infamy.
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“People will see me and cry...”
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Wooo! This is seriously awesome awesome.
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I almost *almost* want so badly to hear, at that part of the chorus where they normally sing "fame", that movie sound of a katana being unsheathed in a concrete room.
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Too much is not enough.
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Wow, great stuff!
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Holy shit!
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I've only heard this now. This is legitimate stuff.
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Metafilter Music: legitimate stuff.
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Got here via the Fame soundtrack FPP. This is amazing.
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I do not throw this phrase around lightly - I may never have said this phrase before - but this is mind-blowing.
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Same as Mchelly.

Chococat gonna live forever.
People will see him and cry.
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It's very rare when you come across a version of a song you can't stand, or think trite, or whatever, and that version makes your hair stand on end. This is simply, beautifully done.
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Belated thanks for a song that I share every chance I get. Turns the original version inside out.
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I cannot express how much I love this. Wow. (also here via this).
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I've lived with this song for five years. I've put it on mixes, I've played it for many people. Everyone is astounded by it, and loves it. I'd like to think that Ryan Adams heard this before he decided to do an acoustic dirge cover of that Taylor Swift album. Seriously, this is cover is the GOODS.
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I probably should have added that I also love the original version with no irony.
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Love you, rtha.
I miss your presence and I wish I could have met you.
posted by chococat at 9:43 PM on August 10, 2020

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