November 25, 2011 7:38 AM

Hooved animals and plants high in starch or methyl cellulose may want to avert their attention now. Kindergarteners, or any other fans of library paste, do we have a track for you! from Step Outside, released 20 November 2011


Trey Beauregard - Vocals
Timbill Corder - Trumpet
Tommy Scheurich - Dulcimer

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Text (stream-of-consciousness):

Regarding adhesives:

Proponents of duct tape
Do not know how to stop talking
About duct tape.

Crazy glue supporters are, in fact, crazy.
Fans of masking tape are in denial,
And only the Scotch
Claim that Scotch tape is worth anything.

Never trust a user of double-sided tape!
They will change their opinion of you at a moment's notice.

The truly loyal say epoxy is the solution
To anyone's adhesive needs--
But only if you never, ever make mistakes.

Cheese makes quite a swell adhesive
For all your edible adhesion needs--
And sometimes, epoxy.

Super glue? No thanks.

And if you need to attach feathers to a person's...person...
Well, nothing's been proven to beat tar in that application,
So just, uh...boil a barrel o' that, and, er...
Knock yourself out!

If you're a molecule,
Look no further than a handful of electrons.

And if you're a politician...
Well, there's no hope for you.

If there's anything you should gather from...this--
Anything at all--Let me know!

...'Cause I really don't know...


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Sorry, I forgot to hit enter on the opening bit, and capitalize "From." I'm a maroon.
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