Sun Doom

March 11, 2012 6:58 PM

Quiet, loud, low, and high bleeps. Plus drums. (Unfortunately, it sounds weird on built-in computer speakers. The toms and bass get chopped out almost completely. Maybe skip if you don't have headphones. Sorry, guys.)

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I did listen with headphones, and I liked it a lot - pleasantly spacey, . The abundance of stereo ping-pong was actually a little tiring on the ears by the end. Favorite part was the high, leaping melody that launches at around 2:50, almost like birdsong, and then the very gradual return after that complete stop - also chirpy and surprisingly like "nature music" for something electronic. That rigid marching outro was a surprising way to finish.
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My concern was that that melody was shrill, and I did a lot of tweaking to take the bite out of it. I was never quite satisfied, but I'm glad it ended up sounding OK.

Yeah, the ping pong wears me down sometimes, too. I suspect it might be because there's double reverb on it: One layer in the instrument's "built-in" effects and then one layer on the master track. If I go back to this, I'll try routing everything but that instrument to one send, reverbing that, then sending the ping pong instrument out dry.
posted by ignignokt at 4:26 PM on April 9, 2012

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