occupy - vampire deer

April 10, 2012 4:06 PM

1st song off my new album, homeland

these are the days of grayshine, this is the fog of moment
gps in broken soul, demons selling door to door
sell your life and buy your life and spend your life and earn your life
and try to count the rain
this is not your echo, this is not your damascus road
no tiller in the wheatfield, no governor in the train
barely allowed uncertainties, whispering to the hurricane
occupy the emptiness, bones of tomorrow under your skin
who was that masked man in my mirror yesterday?

these are the days of bloodshine, these are the fields of rock
kim and kris are squabbling so you can forget your sorrow
metal bands are suffocating, grieving for the junkie daughters
angry at the copacetic, raging at the breaking bottle's song
are you going to sleep in the park? - repeat words like a chorus
vote for less evil? - waterfall of pixel trolling
enjoy your toys before the playhouse gets burned down
ask that cloud above you why you're melting into glass

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