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April 10, 2012 12:22 PM

Fleshing out my drone-y trumpet

This recording is pretty rough, but the elements I want are there. I could really use some feedback on this sketch and the multitrack trumpet sounds in general. I'll be recording again this week and would really like to hear what works, what doesn't, turn offs and ons, bleeps, and bloops. This new crop of recordings got a less enthusiastic reception and I feel discouraged.

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I like everything about this; dunno how to provide "constructive criticism" when it's great as-is. Don't feel discouraged, these are awesome.
posted by dubold at 12:55 PM on April 10, 2012

personally, i like some of the "rough" elements that make it clear this is a human playing a trumpet, rather than a trumpet sample or something. it's like seeing fingerprints in a painting.
posted by dubold at 12:56 PM on April 10, 2012

- I like the crackling in the recording, whether it's intentional or not.
- Some of the minor fumbling around 1:40 does take me out of the zone slightly, but that's not to say you need to have everything down in lockstep.
- The occasional dissonance in the last third or so is a really nice touch.

Overall, I also think this is fairly great. Really makes some usually-untouched part of my brain respond.
posted by ignignokt at 1:15 PM on April 10, 2012

This is beautiful stuff.
posted by Taft at 12:25 AM on April 11, 2012

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