The Fire Sermon

May 3, 2012 8:46 PM

For Section III (Track 4) of The Wasteland, I finally take to the microphone for narration, with my own spin. This movement is entirely a capella, and with two small exceptions, all effects were manipulated by me in realtime.

There's an awful lot of text here, and I kind of took my sweet time with it, so I was forced to upload here with a pretty shitty bitrate. You can, however, download here with a higher bitrate, or here lossless.


Timbill Corder - Male Narrator, Effects, Composer, Arranger, Engineer, Producer
Dani Miller - Female Narrator

Alright, in case anyone actually cares, the reason why I decided to undertake this whole project in the first place was as follows: I'm prone to pretty severe anxiety and depression, and about three weeks ago, I ran out of meds. At that point, four months of stress and anxiety from dissolving friendships, moving, starting a new job, financial hardship, family health scares, et al, hit me all at once. For me, even once I get back on my medication (which I did within a week), once the floodgates are open, they don't tend to stop without some big creative vent. I felt I was heading toward a particularly large meltdown, and the Wasteland MeFiMusic Challenge was there, just begging to be done. I read the text, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Within 12 hours, I had a script figured out, I had instrumentation, and within another 24, I had casting, and began recording. It's helped immensely, and did exactly what I needed to.

More than that, it's turned into something of which I am spectacularly proud. I'm really pleased with the response, so far, as well. I hope you enjoy this, as I put all of myself into making it.

Thank you all.

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Ethereal, haunting and beautiful. The Contrast between the male and female vocal parts is superb, adds another layer to the dynamics. Also, I particularly love the droney/echoey part at the beginning.

"stress and anxiety from dissolving friendships, moving, starting a new job, financial hardship..."

Yeah, its been a bit like that for me recently. Hope you are well on the way to recovery.

Burning, Burning, Burning, Burning - A great way to end.
posted by marienbad at 5:24 PM on May 6, 2012

Thanks very much for the kind words. It actually has helped, more than I really expected it to--to the point where I'm having trouble finding footing for the final movement.

I'm, frankly, kind of spent from these first five tracks. I have everything recorded, but for some reason, I can't get it to gel in any cohesive way. I'm taking a day off from it today, and will give it another go tomorrow. Hopefully, soon, you'll find out what the thunder said.
posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 9:57 PM on May 6, 2012

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