Chicken Train

October 31, 2006 2:30 PM

This is aparently a cover of an Ozark Mountain Daredevils song. I am utterly unfamiliar with that band or their version of the song. In college, a firend sang the song to me once, and years later I recorded this from what I could remember. I was trying to do a gospel thing, but the sort of gospel you would hear in that church portrayed in the last scenes of X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes.

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That's a neat train impression in the piano at the end. Overall, it's pretty Fantomas-like.
posted by ignignokt at 5:15 PM on October 31, 2006

I don't know Fantomas, but a little poking about yielded the fact that they'e on Ipecac Records, which is aleays a good sign. Thanks for the lead!
posted by ba at 7:23 AM on November 1, 2006

I enjoyed this. Suprisingly, several slight melodic flourishes and drasticly different instrumentation aside, this is a reasonably faithful version of Chicken Train.

Now I want to see a game of "cover-song operator" grow from this, where someone covers a version of your version of Chicken Train, but only as sung to them by a third party. and so forth.
posted by dirtdirt at 4:11 AM on November 2, 2006

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