Exit Music (Again?)

July 19, 2012 11:53 PM

It's time to come clean...

As promised, the uneffected mix of my assigned track, and the revealed instrumentation. One internet is hereby awarded to TheRedArmy for figuring out one of the three. Turns out, when distorted enough, the accordion sounds like a guitar made of chainsaws, the organ pedals sound like an NES bass line, and the sax sounds like, well...a more melodic chainsaw. Maybe a scroll saw.

I wrote the bari sax part from scratch to emphasize the chromatic nature of the chord progression, since everything but the vocals was very static. It's actually rather infuriating, since the thing's in B minor, making it G# minor on said sax (sorry, Trey). He did a great job with it, though, putting a lot of subtlety into a part that ended up being distorted to all hell.

Timbill Corder (me): Accordion, Electric Organ Pedals (bass), Vocals
Trey Beauregard (man vs sun): Baritone Saxophone

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