Heroes (rough mix)

August 2, 2012 7:13 PM

My Kaossilator and I take the Bowie classic to strange places

This is a very rough draft mix; I'll probably need to bring some things up, take some things out, and add some tracks. But it's too weird and to large in my mind not to put it out somewhere.

Like the American single version, I cut out two of the opening verses, but a different two than the ones Bowie cut-- I think this one makes the narrative of the song a little clearer.

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You've crafted this really well. To be honest your vocals are so good they make the track. I love this version, but would also love to hear the vocal track on it's own - or minimally accompanied. So, what I'm saying is; this is really really good.
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Holy shit, thank you... Weird to hear that, actually, because my vocals are the thing I'm least confident about. I windup burying them on a lot of recordings.
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" I windup burying them on a lot of recordings."

We hadn't noticed ;)

this is great, but yeah, please mix it differently!! moar vocals pls.
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Oh man, this is great! I love how the synth sound on the right is dragging just enough behind the beat that the tension is interesting. So freakin' satisfying when it hits the beat again.

Vocals are really solid. I don't always like the slide-up-to-the-note thingy, but it just really fits here with the other sounds and tempos and swing. Really great stuff.
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