vampire deer - things get better

November 28, 2012 5:01 PM

song 7

i loved the way you sang - almost like phoebe snow
i've never sung one note that moved me like your song
you said they'd locked you up when they took your guitar
you looked so sad when you told me what they'd done
you couldn't let stuff go - it darkened your soul down
they said you used to be so nice
no one could understand why you had come undone
things get better, but you could not believe

your dad was kind enough to let us say goodbye
we said i love you while he looked down at the ground
i couldn't drink away - i couldn't smoke away
the need i felt for you like a gray winter sky
they said you were doing well - they said to let it go
i stared at walls - i saved my memories
some day you would come back, some day, i knew you would
things get better, oh how i believed

one night ellen came, made me come up to her room
make me have a four shot drink, made me listen to her news
you'd gone and killed yourself - but not within my heart
sometimes people are better off that way, she said
i drank and couldn't get drunk, i cried and couldn't stop
i lived and couldn't live, but i couldn't follow you
i went on and made my years, i guess i've done alright
things get better, but you'll never know

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