vampire deer - she moved through the fair

November 29, 2012 5:17 PM

8th and last song - an old irish folk song that i messed up the melody of - it just came out this way

i have about 45 minutes or so of ghost river college pt 2 recorded but will probably have much more to do - it's probably not going to get done before late spring, and won't be quite as sad

in the meantime, i'm going to work on something a lot lighter in spirit and have fun

lyrics -

My young love said to me,
My mother won't mind
And my father won't slight you
For your lack of kine.
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say:
It will not be long, Love,
Till our wedding day.
As she stepped away from me
And she moved through the fair
And fondly I watched her
Move here and move there.
And then she made her way homeward,
With one star awake,
As the swan in the evening
Moved over the lake.
The people were saying,
No two e'er were wed
But one had a sorrow
That never was said.
And I smiled as she passed
With her goods and her gear,
And that was the last
That I saw of my dear.
Last night she came to me,
My dead love came in.
So softly she came
That her feet made no din.
As she laid her hand on me,
And this she did say:
It will not be long, love,
'Til our wedding day.

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