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December 3, 2012 10:26 AM

Need a little help. Here's a nice little cover I did with a good old friend I've been playing with since highschool. Need some help. Using a logitech usb mic which I generally like the sound/versatillity/ portability of. Trying to figure out how to cut out the high-pitched noise it comes with.

Obviously, it'd be best to find a way to minimize it going in, but I'm open to post-prod solutions. I haven't found a good way to noise-cancel it out without really dumbing down the sound. Any ideas? I know it's a chintzy equipment problem, but I'm looking for the best-case-scenario on the thing. Thanks

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Both Waves X-Noise and iZotope RX do a good job of noise removal but they are more expensive than just buying a decent USB mic, and if you get too aggressive there will be artefacts, especially in something spare like that guitar part, which has a lot of higher order harmonics. However I can have a go at it if you like.
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(Often the optimal route is to reduce the noise rather than remove it...)
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I've noticed some USB devices create noise when my laptop is plugged in, but not when it's running off the battery. If you're not using a laptop, a UPS or other power conditioner might help.

Otherwise: check out Spectro from stillwell audio - evaluation copy is free, and the plugins are reasonably priced and sound fantastic. I use their stuff in Reaper and think it's phenomenal.
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Here you go. I used iZotope RX on its advanced setting and just reduced the broadband noise. I think there's a little bit of crispness gone from the top end but you could EQ it back in.
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whoa. Thanks unSane! You didn't have to go the trouble. I'm definitely going to try out iZotope. Cheers!
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Thanks to dubold as well.
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Yeah, that high-pitched whine is almost certainly like ground loop interference, which as dubold says is common with laptops (not sure if it is a laptop you're recording with).

A ground loop isolator is the best and safest way of stopping that, you can get them at most hardware stores. You could also stop it by using a laptop charger that has a two-pin entry into the adaptor from the mains rather than a 3-pin, although I wouldn't recommend it as that would leave your equipment unearthed.

I like the recording by the way, I too like the sound of this mic.
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I didn't know they existed, but USB ground isolators are pretty steep as it turns out.
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I'm not convinced that is USB noise. In RX there was almost tonal component which is what you'd expect from a ground issue. I think it's just self noise from the mic. Condensers do sometimes get noisy -- I have a supposedly matched pair of condensers, one of which is really hissy sadly.

I would just try a different mic -- order it from somewhere where you can send it back if doesn't help.
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