251 Towns

March 22, 2013 9:33 PM

I am making a little set of audio bits about Vermont's towns, this is the theme song.

not_on_display did the arrangement and is playing the guitar. I (mostly) wrote the lyrics and am singing. You may remember me from such hits as "I love the sun"

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Catchy as all get-out! It makes me say 'Yay!' and 'What town?' in that order after I hear it, which I think means it works!
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Ha! This is adorable.
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Now do New Hampshire!
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It makes me say 'Yay!' and 'What town?' in that order after I hear it.

Yeah, I was expecting something like I've Been Everywhere -- Vermont stylee!

I've been to Addison, Albany, Alburgh and Andover,
Bakersfield, Baltimore, Broomfield and Brattleboro,
Cambridge and Castleton, Chelsea and Chittenden,
Danby, Derby, Dover and Duxbury...*


*Full disclosure: I have not been, and never expect to go to any of these places.
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This is sweet :)
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A friend now in Richmond (VT) and I once tried to do a song – more of a chant, really – about Vermont's counties (14, as opposed to 251 towns). It started out great: "Addison / Bennington, Caledonia / Chittenden, Essex / Franklin, and Grand Isle." And it ends pretty well too: "Washington / Windham / and Windsor."

But the four counties in the middle of the alphabet, starting with with Lamoille, don't scan at all. Anyway, nice job here, jessamyn and n_o_d. Catchy indeed.
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