The Artichoke King

April 25, 2013 12:41 AM

I figured everyone could use some cheering up lately, and I happen to have a vast surplus of happiness and love to share, not least because of this handsome unit. Nugget has inspired countless other tracks of mine over the years, and now he's starring in his very own album, a free-if-you-want compilation on Bandcamp, with (optional) donations going directly to the Child's Play charity to help sick kids. Good boy, Nugget!!! Created with FamiTracker (this song will play exactly as you hear it on an unmodified Nintendo Entertainment System console, if you happen to have a homebrew flash cartridge)

The album features an ensemble cast of the best chip guys around (including many I recommend in every chiptune-related thread like Blitz Lunar and Coda, so you can finally hear what I'm talking about when I say how awesome they are). The whole thing was organized/managed by my wife, who hosts Noise Channel, a weekly radio show showcasing the latest and greatest in the chiptune / low-bit music world, including exclusive listening parties for new album releases.

So if you need a few smiles and want to listen to some amazing free video-gamey-sounding music, we would love to have fellow MeFites tune in and hang out on our IRC channel (check the "about" section on the site for times / places). There's one tonight, even! (Thursday)

For anyone curious, the title references the time he interrupted my romantic dinner with Kris by ganking a super-choice foot-long tender artichoke stem right off of her plate, played keep-away by hauling ass around the sofa as we tried to chase him down, and rushed to gulp it down bite by bite. In the end it ..did not agree with his stomach... but it was hard not to laugh as he horked it down, his eyes big as saucers, amazed at his sudden stroke of butter-slathered fortune. This song may also mark the first time someone has recreated the sound of a beagle baying at a doorbell in chiptune form.

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TOTALLY RAD!!!! I can picture Nugget cruising around the sofa at warpdog speed with his ill-gotten treasure
posted by Doleful Creature at 11:39 PM on April 25, 2013

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