Sheap Beet

April 30, 2013 6:59 PM

Little bluesy tune I made back in 2009 with help from some friendly sheep. For all the flaws in the recording I'm still fond of it.

You caught me at a bad time and in a bad station
My head and heart have been much more smart on many an occasion
I know that you've got problems too, you're just a human being
But do you really love me or is that just your Catholic guilt speaking?

Been this way since judgment day, been sentenced to the cross
I've fallen to my dirty knees, I've had my clothes torn off
My mother, she fell over me and asked them to commit me
Your mind and arms are open wide but is your heart big enough to fit me?

Family ties and family matters, (they) tell me you're a family man
Take me home but take me as-is, Lord, I take it when I can
Welcome to the family - we're all a little weird
I'm hoping now they don't ask you how on Earth did a lovely boy like you end up here?

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... Yes. I like it, in a weird way.

Just wondering: Ever thought about adding new instruments? Maybe make a little bit more harmonious singing voices? Cause, I think it would change this song from weird-affection to a very passionate affection.

If not, I still like it, in a weird way.
posted by AnTilgangs at 4:40 AM on May 2, 2013

To me, it had a The Triples of Bellville feel to it, which I LOVE. I'd love to put it on 2 cd's, one for my car and daily driving, and the other for my neighbor (In my house to much already, and suffers from Catholic guilt) who would pee himself to hear this. Thanks.
posted by QueerAngel28 at 1:44 PM on May 4, 2013

I really dug this. Quirky, cute, but not cloyingly so. The super lo-fi production, if anything, adds to the overall effect. Nice!
posted by drmadrigal at 5:51 PM on May 4, 2013 [1 favorite]

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