Tom & Sarah: I'm Still Wishing

November 28, 2006 7:38 AM

I always thought that Tom Waits should do a duet with Sarah Slean. So here's a mash-up for being sad to: Tom Waits "I'm Still Here" with Sarah Slean's "Your Wish is My Wish."

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What a cool effort. You did it basically by "cutting and pasting"? Did you find her voice track and edited it?

This post and the one just below it are two perfect examples of what makes Metafilter Music so good. Glad you posted it.
posted by micayetoca at 8:02 AM on November 28, 2006

Thanks so much - this is absolutely beautiful.
posted by Ira.metafilter at 8:11 AM on November 29, 2006

Thanks Ira and Micay...really glad you like it.

I wish they shared more of the same exact lines & concepts throughout the two songs, to make it a little more duet-like. As it is, the "time" line is their only collaboration. But it still sounds really pretty, I think.

micayetoca: "Cutting and pasting" is a good way to describe it. Just had to match the tempos first, and get ol' Tom to sing a little lower for me so he'd be in the same key as Sarah. No, the Sarah Slean track isn't a vocal cut, it's the published song. Her piano is very faint, and blends remarkably well all on its own with the Waits piano.
posted by Milkman Dan at 8:19 AM on November 29, 2006

Beauty! Fantastically well done!
posted by TwoWordReview at 11:15 AM on November 30, 2006

Wow. This is really genuinely sweet.
posted by Area Control at 5:58 PM on December 1, 2006

Damn, that is one sweet mash-up. I mean, had I not known any better, I'd think it a duet. Very nice work.
posted by blatant gizmo at 10:11 PM on December 7, 2006

Wow, this is gorgeous. It is literally bringing tears to my eyes as I listen. I can't believe that it isn't actually a collaboration between Sarah Slean and Tom Waits--you did an amazing job.
posted by hurdy gurdy girl at 9:09 PM on July 27, 2007

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