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May 17, 2013 9:48 AM

Intensely silly.

As per this month's challenge, I was aiming for a 1940's Boogie Woogie kind of thing.
My fear was that it would veer into the territory of the Squirrel Nut Cherry Poppin' Voodoo Daddy-O Zippers kind of faux swing business that was so popular in the 1990's, which I think it sort of did, sadly.

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Sounds good to me, got me all swingin' ;)

Does sound a little Squirrel Nut Zippers-y but that's also cause it's quite clean. Back in the day they got 1 mic most of the time and stereo hadn't been invented so, my advice - try mixing the song all in mono, add a little bit of crackle and cracks onto the virtual vinyl (recommend this little plug in here).

See what it does for you and I'd really like to hear this song again in a good ol'mono mix ;)
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P.S. Not intensely silly. Intensely awesome :D
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Hey thanks, and you are entirely right.
My intention was to do a mono mix and do a really narrow band EQ for the whole old-timey feel, and I started to do that, but didn't go through with it because I started liking the stereo mix. It felt like doing the audio equivalent of a cheesy Instagram filter on a digital photo. Which is stupid of me because I betrayed the point of the exercise was but there you are. Anyhow I compromised and did the filter on the box only.
For me it fails the authenticity test not because of production but because of musicianship. I watched a bunch of old boogie woogie YouTube clips and felt deflated because they could play so awesome. Me with my recording one hand at a time, devoid of any soul, sent it into cornball land I think.
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Typing on my phone whilst barbecue-ing amidst black flies in the woods of Ontario and made a bunch of mistakes. Anyway, I did the cheesy EQ on the VOX, not the box.
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This is absolutely delightful. Now I need to go into the back yard and spin around hopefully until I make myself ill.
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