The Engulfed Worlds (Les Mondes Engloutis)

October 29, 2013 5:48 PM

An epic doom metal version of my favorite cartoon theme song of all time. This was a distance collaboration done some time ago with a Polish gentleman.

Though recently the power metal band Pathfinder released their own cover of this song as a bonus track on their latest album, in my opinion their cover fully misses the point. The song is so melancholy and sad that, no joke, it would occasionally make me cry when I was a child. I did not even know or understand why, but seeing that opening image of something falling into a firey chasm with this song rolling under it just affected me. So a candy coated, surgary sweet power metal version seems just kind of wrong. When creating this cover, it never once occurred to make it super fast or shreddy. It seemed obvious that a metal interpretation of the track should be of epic doom flavor.

This version also predates Pathfinders by several years. I thought the file lost long ago, but recently was able to recover it.

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This recording served as something of a proof of concept for me. Though the project suffers languishing in my eternally growing pile of ideas and concepts I need to follow through on, I have long wanted to record a full length concept album using the Spartakus story. Something akin to Hammers Of Misfortune's debut in its concise but fully fleshed narrative.
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The guitars and vocals are appropriately doomy, and I like the vocal harmony a lot. The bass really punches through nicely. The drums still seem kinda upbeat-busy to me - lots of those power metally sixteenth note kicks. At 4:23 when the vox kick back in I'd love to hear it stay just completely dirgey to the end, no galloping rhythm section, just big slow vast DOOM.
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I suppose it is worth pointing out that I define Epic Doom a bit differently than many might. To me, it begins with Manowar's second full length Into Glory Ride and is continued with a lot of Bathory's viking-era material (particular Blood Fire Death) and in modern day with groups like Atlantean Kodex. The word "epic" meaning that the music conveys a sense of adventure, rather then simply meaning "very long songs" as it can typically be seen as by many acts today. Thus, the occasional triplet kick drum patterns that are meant to convey a sense of travel across great distance.
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