November 18, 2013 5:36 PM

Travel with me to my freshman year of college, when I tried to do the "rock music."

I've been rooting around through my hard drive(s) and checking out my old songs. They're all mixed terribly, but I had a hunch that perhaps the recordings themselves were still good. So I found this one and gave the mix another go, now that I've got another 4-5 years of musics knowledge.

As far as what's in there, it's me singing, guitaring, bassing, but not drumming. I just midi'ed that in. It's real guitar and bass, but through virtual amps, reverbs, and all that stuff in Logic.

I've just recently started to really get the hang of mixing, but I can't help but feel that it's lacking. It's much better than the first mix, but as with a lot of my music, it always just kind of sounds like noise to me. Any thoughts?

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I like this. I've listened a few times, and the "people fighting in my head" part of the chorus is a nice little earworm. Hopefully someone technical will comment on the mixing side of things, but as a listener the only thing I'd say is that the vocals seems very "removed" from the music during the verses, like too far in front? But that goes away when the chorus kicks in. I like the guitars, makes me think of early Suede. That's a Good Thing. :)
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