November 17, 2013 3:52 PM

This is the probably most commercial thing I've ever written -- still not sure how I feel about it -- but it was completely accidental. I just had this little 3-3-2 piano riff going and started putting a bassline under it, and the whole thing kind of fell out. I resisted it for months because it seemed so obvious but eventually gave in. Drums are 1-take 3-mics from my drummer but I think they work pretty well. The interesting thing is that the 1-bar piano riff continues through as an ostinato through the whole thing, never changing. I guess it's Coldplay's version of Marvin Gaye's SEXUAL HEALING, or something. A bit of U2 in there too somewhere in the scritch scratch guitar that comes in in the second verse.

The piano is the Hollow Sun CP70 sample which I love. The Mellotron is the GForce one. Guitars are a Telecaster thru Scuffham S-Gear.

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I love this so much I don't think I'm worthy of commenting on it...but I'm gonna!

It's making me think a tiny bit of British Sea Power for some reason - I think it might be something about the vocals (this is a Good Thing). And the bassline is conjuring up some Spiritualized. The bass is beautiful actually. (And I do love the little Edge-y guitar parts.) In my head I can hear another vocal line, either the main one double-tracked or else a higher line on the chorus. The lyrics are really good, emotional without being cheesy. I'm kind of worried that a non-musician liking it might make you think "yup - too commercial", but sorry to reinforce that by saying I'd willingly pay cash money for this.
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This sounds great! It's got an airy floaty feel to it. That repeating piano really ties the whole thing together. Also coming out of that bit around 3:30 was super solid. I've listened to this like 4 times now tapping my feet and bobbing my head along the whole time.
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Would listen again!
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