Liza Jane

March 29, 2014 9:14 AM

My version of the traditional tune Liza Jane, played clawhammer style on guitar.

Based on Bob Thornburg's version of this tune (his banjo version is really remarkable).

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Wow, just lovely. And like your other stuff, really nicely recorded. Can I ask what kind of mic you're using?
posted by usonian at 8:50 PM on March 29, 2014

thanks usonian! I usually use my rode NT-1A large diaphragm condenser mic. This time I used that one pointed at the neck of the guitar where it joins the body (which is the 12th fret on my little Huss & Dalton 00-SP) and a Shure SM57 pointed right at the bridge. I had the mics backed off from the guitar about 12-15''. I also use a MOTU Track 16 as my preamp, which has really made a huge difference - lots of headroom and a really nice, transparent sound. Finally, I use Reaper as my DAW, which I really love, super affordable and as far as I'm concerned completely full-featured. Added a little EQ (rolling off lows and notching some frequencies out around 1.3kHz), a little compression and reverb. I'm really still learning how the subtlest changes make the difference, I'm glad to hear it sounds good to you!
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