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May 10, 2014 10:07 AM

Here's an old song from Sredni Vashtar, revamped, restructured and recorded at rehearsal a few weeks ago

We took a long-standing live favourite and gave it a bit of a drone-y, contemporary kick. Yes, there's the odd bum note but that's a problem with our current one-take aesthetic. Throw in a couple of Caustic generated loops (triggered by a footswitch and/or Roland SPD-S) and some on-the-fly guitar loops and enjoy the noise...

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Another good one! What are you're guys influences? It reminds me of the feeling I first got when I listened to Sunny Day Real Estate or maybe Mineral. Not that it's like either of those exactly but it gives me the same kind of feeling if that makes sense.
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Well, I always feel that our influences are a bit obvious - vaguely leftfield guitar music from c1981 onwards - but we try not to make music that's too obviously a homage. The people who encouraged me to pick up a guitar were Robert Smith, Mascis, Ranaldo and Moore and Kevin Shields. I will have to check out those two bands.
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Well, if you check out Sunny day real estate, it was really mostly their first album, diary, I was talking about:

It came out in 1994 and it blew me away as I just never heard anyone play quite like that before. It's pretty essential stuff and I think you'd dig it.

Mineral's first LP and their most potent, The Power of Failing, is still very core to my being. I think this was 1997. I believe this album was recorded mostly live so probably in similar philosophy as you guys:

While both of these albums will probably be categorised as Emo, this was really before the emo thing had become popularised as a fashion statement and kids cutting themselves as a trend. They would be Emo in the same way The Cure would be "Gothic", which is to say, they were more than just their genre.
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