Red's On Strike

December 31, 2014 11:01 AM

After nearly ten years my band Red On Strike is calling it quits. Our singer Yvonne has been building a new career and just hasn't had time to be in a band - without her it isn't ROS, so it is time to move on. Kind of bittersweet for me, as this is my first band so I am going to really miss it. But it is also an opportunity to work on something new, which is pretty exciting. We're forming a new band with our bass player Steve and his stepson Levi on guitar with me, so if you know a drummer or vocalist in the LA area let me know.

I've posted everything we ever recorded on our Bandcamp site, along with some material from the first incarnation of the band that was around from 1997-2001. (I wasn't in the band then, so none of that is on Mefi Music.)

Right now the only full set video I have is here. Gonna post some of the other single song YouTube videos as Music tracks this week, I'll link those there as they go up.
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