Those Aren't Poodles [Greg Nog cover]

January 19, 2015 4:46 PM

I had the day off. I heard the previous song. I started singing it my head like this. I had to share. I am still in my jammas. I am a recalcitrant dog misidentifier, but I'm better known for considering all animals and some human babies gender-neutral.

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It's a great and malleable song. I am tempted to blow off housework and do a "Slow Poodle" version. Maybe later.
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Do your housework!
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omfg this is great!
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Fuckin' a.
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This, and the original, and the miniscule interval between them, bring a tear to my eye in pride for MeFiMusic and its remarkable citizens.
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Awesome, and like greenish, I'm amazed at how quickly you did the cover. Dog-dog-dog!!!! I hope more people will cover this.
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