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January 19, 2015 8:54 PM

First upload: broody lo-fi electronic pop song, written for the January challenge.

For maximum vaporwave points, the challenge sample is from a MIDI file I wrote when I was a teenager, back in the Web 1.0 days. A little snippet of it is the first thing to play here.

Written and recorded in a blitz this past weekend. A few things I don't normally do, but have been wanting to do more of for a long time: 1. sing words, 2. write words, 3. mix my voice that far forward, 4. sing as high as I did in the bridge, 5. write stuff that's this "pop" oriented. OK, re-reading that is kind of freaking me out, so I'm just gonna hit submit now.

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Your voice is great. I can relate to the "don't wanna sing, don't wanna hear myself sing, hate writing lyrics" thing, but if this is any indication your fears are unfounded. This sounds like if Depeche Mode were a chiptune band.
posted by not_on_display at 9:52 PM on January 19, 2015 [1 favorite]

Seconding great voice! Lovely pitch, and the understated, natural delivery reminds me a lot of Owen Pallett who I am super into.

If I was going to offer any critique, I feel like it wants to escalate a little over the final chorus part, perhaps adding a new lead synth part in a high-ish sparkly register, either playing a counter melody or doubling the melody. But you don't really need critique cause this is ace!
posted by greenish at 2:35 AM on January 20, 2015 [1 favorite]

Nice job. Your voice is well-suited to the song.
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Guys, thanks so much for the feedback, this is really heartening! Particularly flattered by the Owen Pallett comparison, which I can only hope to live up to, hehe. Greenish, you're totally right about the last part; I had more high harmonies there but I think I mixed it way too low, and some kind of glock-ish thing would go well there. I'll fiddle with it a bit.
posted by en forme de poire at 5:29 PM on February 6, 2015

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