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March 23, 2015 4:51 PM

return of the digitech rds 1900 through additional delay

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"The second blast occurred while cabin pressure was still two-thirds normal, slamming him into the bulkhead and venting the last of the air into space. He grabbed a stanchion and scanned his telltales to make sure his suit was still intact. 'No chance of encountering an object larger than five inches,' he muttered. 'No need to make the shield stronger. Fucking morons.' The puncture had imparted a wicked tumble to the craft, and he had to get the maneuvering jets operational before he de-orbited. 'I am not going to die on fucking Venus,' he thought as he pulled himself into the command chair. He punched the manual override switch and grabbed the joystick."

Grim activity.
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