Alls I got are the pictures, the movies; gonna be a big star, never gonna be a big star.

June 17, 2015 11:50 AM

Where once again we prove the inverse proportionality between effort and output.

I ended up drifting up at The Wub Machine yesterday after some poor google-fu.

The tool itself is pretty much feed-and-forget and its processing is rote; its applying the same special sauce especially hard up front (pshew bonga ticka ticka ticka ticka, etc).

Still, the output was kind of fun; Buck Owens needs more modern era remixes. This appears to be the only MuFi contribution of this particular tool though it made some entertaining work of a few pieces suitable for this month's challenge and did a bang-up job with darkening Bus Stop Boxer past brooding into something weird and kind of spooky.

I was like I'll never star.

posted by Ogre Lawless

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