August-September Music Challenge: Tunes of the Unexpected

August 14, 2015 2:03 AM

After the well-chosen and lovely city songs, we need some chaos to balance the order.

Let the WRONG notes in...

In interviews about his [amazing /editorial] 2014 album In Conflict, Owen Pallett said "All the melodies on this record, on many of the instrumental breaks, they feature the wrongest note. While writing the song, I'll identify what note in the chromatic scale would be the wrongest note to add to the melody, and then I'll stick it in there somehow. ... I was thinking as a kind of tip of the hat to the term "blue note." I thought of these more like "black notes." Black notes are somehow darker and more alien than the typically used blue note term which usually signifies a note that doesn't belong in the scale. It's meant to denote that displacement and dysphoria. I'm trying to have these moments that indicate the so-called craziness that the lyrics are meant to explore."

So lets hear your weird... Post a piece, whether your own or a cover, where you include something jarring, off-key, or unexpected.

Upload your submission over the next six weeks, and remember to tag it MeFiMusicChallenge and Unexpected.
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I love this ℥dea.
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