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December 19, 2015 1:27 PM

This is a great gesture. I wonder what MeFi Music could come up with? This being The Eagles of Death Metal's Pay It Forward Fundraising campaign for victims (and families of victims) of the recent Paris terror attacks.

As an at best occasional player here at MeFi Music, I don't really feel it's appropriate for me to suggest anything in particular -- just sharing a hopeful thought.
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Yeah, I thought of doing a cover a few weeks ago when I saw the project announcement, but then I thought that since the whole idea was for big-name people to do it so lots of people would buy it and they would raise a lot of money, a smalltime loser like me doing a cover would be a nice gesture at best. It still sounds fun though.

Maybe I MeFi Music joint thing? I'd be happy to produce a track if people want to contribute. I couldn't start until all this Christmas madness is over, though.
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I love the idea of doing something collaborative. Perhaps people could say what their skills are (eg: rhythm guitar, backing vocals, tambourine) and we could specify a time signature and key, all play to a click and collate.

Or, we could do a kind of pass-the parcel thing, and collate all the originals at the end.
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The agrred-upon time-signature, tempo and key thing worked well when I patched together the "Jessamyn's 41th Birthday from the Sekrit Orchestra" song. I think I had 20+ submissions, and most were usable.

I'd be game -- I play guitar and bass mostly, but can do intermediate percussion and simple keyboards. I also have a set of harmonicas, a slide whistle, and an accordion.
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