Sweetness in Greece

March 5, 2016 2:59 AM

So I took my Jazzmaster to Lefkas, and this was the result.

Any constructive criticism welcome as always!

posted by talltaleheart (5 comments total)

What kind of reverb is that? Or is it a filter of some kind? (I am listening on terrible headphones) Sounds like someone singing in the background, it's lovely :)
posted by greenish at 9:37 AM on March 8, 2016

I had to look up Lefkas — beautiful place, and this track is as close as you can get to being there.
posted by ageispolis at 4:15 PM on March 8, 2016

Also enjoyed, also googled Lefkas. Great sounding Jazzmaster!
posted by CarrotAdventure at 5:49 PM on March 8, 2016

A friend of mine described the track as "insipid, but competent" so I will happily accept your far kinder words!

The effect is indeed a reverb.
posted by talltaleheart at 2:10 PM on March 16, 2016

Smooooooth. Breezy, gossamer. Shimmer and glint. Sun-baked air, scudding fluffs of cloud. Silver-golden.
posted by BlackPebble at 7:44 AM on March 21, 2016

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