Mississippi River (feat. greenish) [cover of orig. by Izintombi Zodumo]

March 24, 2016 7:21 PM

For GregNog's Mefi Cover Challenge and Song #7 in the Unu Kanto Po Semajno collection, I roped greenish and her awesome set of pipes all the way in from across the ocean!

The original song can be found in this FPP which featured the Kleptones' mix "Paths to Graceland". It's an amazing mix of South African Music which Paul Simon drew heavily from, recruiting as many of the musicians from these bands as he could, while making the Graceland album. If you haven't listened to that mix, it's about time you did.

One funny twist in the making of this, in the category of "misheard lyrics" -- I originally have heard the first line as, "Darlin' I believe in you." But after having recorded it, and listening back to the original, it occured to me that she was actually singing, "Darlin', I'll be leavin' you." Changes the mood of the song quite a bit. That's when I started editing down all the tracks.

Thank you so much, greenish, for lending your vocal skilllllz to this. I'm, as they say, "dead chuffed."

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Brilliant rhythm in this. Great laid back cover. I had to go listen to the original after, which is great too!
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Hey I just realized this is my 50th MeMu post!

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Just lovely! Your voices work together really well.
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Just lovely! Your voices work together really well.

Thanks! Jessamyn said that, too. I was very pleasantly surprised as well. That said, Jess & I both admitted that talent-wise, I sounded symbolically more like a frog in comparison to greenish's clear, ringing voice.

I also need to look into getting a new mic and pre-amp or whatever the kids use. Plugging anything directly into the iMac audio-in port is buzzy. I sometimes pick up radio frequencies, seriously!

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Ha! We all sound like frogs compared to greenish but if it helps I was reminded less of a frog and more along the lines of Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan (or at least a Mark Lanegan who smoked a little less).
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YAY! Just got back from my homeland which has precisely none internets and just catching up. Thanks for the compliments although technically I contributed less than 2.17% of the content of this track so it feels like a bit of a con.

Dude lets do some more things, this was super fun.
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Your 2.17% is worth much more than that percentage would imply. Agreed, let's make more transoceanic music! No con necessary, unless we have something really clever and tricky to pull on the listeners. [I typed, stroking my beard thoughtfully and with mischievous intent.]

Also, I'd never heard of either Campbell or Lanegan, but I just listened to a snippet on youtube of them performing together, and wow, yeah, thanks for the compliment!

So, greenish: yes please! Email me something! and Welcome Back to The Internets!
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Ha, okay, so I do know who they are, now that I wikipedia'd them. I loved the Screaming Trees and Belle and Sebastian, so it makes even more sense now.
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Great work, not_on_display and greenish, very enjoyable cover. You really sound like you're watching each other's cues in the same room.
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