Sespe Love Song

June 13, 2016 9:11 AM

Home demo for a future studio production. A recounting of the events of the Sespe Wilderness tragedy of January 1969. Lyrics below the fold.


A duet between man and river, based on true events in January 1969

Sespe River wandering
(Lonely walker, I want you, baby)
Thirty miles from Lion in
(You’ve come a long way along me, baby)
Seen 'em shooting at the Spring
(From the Matilija flowing, baby)
Mountain boys in winter rain
(But do they know where they’re going, baby?)

And it seemed
Through miles and miles of chaparral
That the river rose again
Reaching for the mountain wall

Ditch the car and hike it back
(You’re in for troubling weather, baby)
Taking shelter on the Flat
(Why don’t you want us together, baby?)
Stoke the fire, wait out the night
(I wanna water and wave you, baby)
Heard the sound before the sight
(You know they’re not gonna save you, baby)

And they came
To guide us with a great machine
Marching in the freezing dark
Hitched a ride across the stream

And then the river meets the men
Pulls them down to shake her lonely hand
A tiny voice breaks through the din
And is swept into the night again:
“I love you dearly”

“And I only am escaped alone…”

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The whole album is out now! [Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube (playlist)]
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