Keep On Stumpin'

June 14, 2016 3:07 PM

Getting drunk in the woods with some MeFites led to jokes about songs on a fictional country/bluegrass album called Keep On Stumpin', which led this afternoon to writing and recording the title track. Find a stump to dump the junk in your trunk on!

Quickie four track recording on my phone, guitar and upright and a couple vox tracks; everything's a bit rough, but that seems on point for the concept.

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Well a comfy chair
Can turn into a kinda prison
Yeah a La-Z-Boy
Can suck the life outta livin'

But you can get back
That joie de vivre
Just ditch that Barcalounger
For a cut down tree

Yeah that flat round
Chunk of wood
Will make your butt
Feel like it should

When your days get long
And your nights get cold
And your head gets tired
And your bones get old
And you done about enough
Of doin' what your told
Just find a log and keep on stumpin'

Keep on stumpin'
Keep on stumpin'
Just go out in the woods
And find yourself somethin'
To stick your rump on

Keep on stumpin'
Keep on stumpin'
Find a stump to dump
The junk in your trunk on
And keep on stumpin'

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I want to be in drunken woods trips that inspire songs like this
posted by greenish at 10:44 AM on June 28, 2016

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