Computer World [Kraftwerk cover]

August 3, 2016 10:44 AM

Featuring the voice of greenish as the Computer. I thought it would be fun to do it slower, using mostly analog instruments and a computer to record it, in juxtaposition to how Kraftwerk originally recorded it in 1981 (using computer instruments and I'm guessing analog tape). Also I was feverish with Lyme Disease while I recorded it. Song #11 in Unu Kanto Po Semajno.

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This is bad ass.

Thumbs up and high fives. Many many yesses.
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Amazing. Your vocal track sounds really excellent not_on_display. Great accordion addition.
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Thanks! I also moved the computer away from whatever it was that was making the iMac inputs pick up radio stations. And I am getting better at tricking out my vocals so they sound better, having recorded them using the iMac's native microphone. I was looking to maintain that kinda cool and detached feel that KW nailed with their vocals. Germans!
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Whoa, I'm glad you're better! This belongs in a songs under duress playlist! (The other one would be that Stupid Bee song I posted a long time ago.)

This is really cigarette-y! In a good way, though. Something about it evokes a smoke-filled lobby. With red carpet. Maybe all the whispering? Retro-commercialism?

Well, brb gonna start smoking.
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[Note to tobacco companies: I will not sell this song to you.]
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And yeah, thanks! They nailed it as Lyme early enough so that I don't have to worry about the secondary or tertiary effects that can occur if you don't catch it early enough. So, a run of doxycycline later, I'm doing much better.

I like the idea of a "Made While Injured" playlist, maybe too much.
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Dude, I had no idea you were sick, glad you're better!

I like the way that I seem to be taking over MeFiMu like a disease. This is the start of my new world order. If your track doesn't have me on it, IT IS NOW VERBOTEN
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[synth break, followed by 80's aggro grunts]
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And yeah, thanks! Doing great now! This was my side project for those two weeks during the hours I was awake, just to keep myself occupied and in an air-conditioned environment. I was happy not to have to go outside, cause it was blazing hot those couple of weeks here.

I had to wait till I was better to record the accordion, cause accordion takes ENERGY to play! And they're very heavy.
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