Hip with the kids

November 8, 2016 8:38 PM

Delirious, teeth-gritted ballad about weapons of mass destruction and grass roots violence. Also, a breathless love song from one monster to another. Also, a way to distract myself while this horrifying evening plays out. Rough mix. Suggestions welcome. Lyrics past break.

When you had your hay-day, I was barely kamikaze. You were brighter then than anything the world had ever seen. And the cameras drunk you in so that their eyes could lap you up around the globe. Your pretty thunderhead cast shadows on the century.

And i was young an jealous. I was bested and in love with all the rest. My salad days played out beneath your looming threat. But as the the stockpiles grew ridiculous, I racked up my own numbers. You were Godzilla notorious, but i was on the street hip with the kids. We waited for your sophomore to drop, but it never did.

I charted a few times throughout the 70s and 80s. As the 90s saw disarmament I slept in festering wounds. I was in bed with all the your victims and their ancient racist creeds. We dreamed of fingers on your button. You never came, girl what a tease

Through the sanctions and the lobbying of power companies, I kept a candle burning for you (I was lighting IEDs). So while my work was getting serious, your influence grew obscure. You were apocalyptic infamous, but I was on the street hip with the kids. Still i hoped you'd heard my work and you liked what I did.

Then in the beginning of this babe-faced new mellinium, I was ready for my close up. They were no ready for me. I could feel your eyes upon me, keener than the billion others. And the cameras drunk me in so that their eyes could lap me up around the globe. Christ these fuckers like to see some things explode.

And the kids all go insane. They say my name and say your name like we're the same.

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Really compelling intro, builds the heft rapidly and with interest. Vivid energy in the live drums. Tasty chaos in the bridge. An unhinged nature that seems to suit the shredded emotions barely contained in the song. Had to listen with full attention because the structure defies convention and predictability, but my attention was rewarded with the sheer weight of doubt and resentment and wish for meeting approval. Heavy, but strong.
posted by BlackPebble at 10:14 AM on November 12, 2016

This is really interesting. I like the delivery; on the production, I find myself wanting a bit more drive in the guitars in the louder parts? Just my preference though! The guitar wails just before the 3 minute mark are brilliant.
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The last minute was my favorite part, but I liked the chord progressions you chose throughout. I'm not much of a lyrics guy, but thanks for printing these like it was a story; made it easier to follow the accompanying narrative on the two levels. Otherwise, you coulda sung it in Danish, I'd still have enjoyed it but not as much.
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This is really good.
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